Hi! I´m Sol, I love art, illustration,photography and basically anything that inspires me. You´re going to find a lot of that here, and also a little bit of my obessions with some tv series and movies. I created this blog because I wanted to collect and share some of the amazing artworks and artists that I find out there. IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the pictures that I post are mine, I´m always linking to the original artist website. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LINKS. THANKS!

Paper dolls by Maki Hino

Paper dolls by Maki Hino

Paper art by Maude White

Textile Collages by Sophie Standing

Sculptures with everyday objects by Gilbert Legrand

Christine Kim

Illuminated Cut Paper Art by Hari & Deepti

Tony Larson

“The Wonder Room“, a series of superb miniature creations designed by Tony Larson, who imagines some highly detailed scenes in aquariums, terrariums and other glass containers… Dinosaurs, statues of Easter Island or Star Wars characters, from Yoda to R2D2 through the Ewoks, take place in these beautiful miniature worlds.

by Gabriel Moreno

Miki Sato 

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